woensdag 30 januari 2013

New In

I went shopping yeeeey 

 This lovely shirt is from Urban outfitters. I really loved it, it's kind of more edgy than I'm used to so a little out of my comfort zone. But hey my new years resolution was if I like it, wear it, even if it's out of my comfort zone, especially than !!

 Another shirt from Urban Outfitters. This one is more 'glamour' but because of the distressed dirty grey color it's less ordinary.

Guess in wich store I bought it ? Yup Urban Outfitters. I looooove this shirt, it's very girly. It's this lovely broken white whit navy horizontal stripes on it. It has this lace detail just above the bust area that is see true, it's my favorite part of the shirt! 

Urban outfitters... A burgundy colored skirt. The fabric is kind of thicker than usual and because it's still to cold here I'm still going to get a lot of wear out of it. It will be also good for spring I guess, the springs aren't so warm here either. 

Last but not least I received this face masks. There were 5 but I already used one. It's supposed to suck all the oil out of your skin. I must say, after one mask I already noticed a difference. 
I have a very oily T-zone, were I get this ugly break-outs. I applied the mask all over my face but I'm not going to do that anymore because it dried my cheeks, where I have no oil problem out. 
But I'll keep you posted when I use them all up, after all the masks your skins is supposed to be flawless. I'm not a believer but I still want it too work the way it says it works. 

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  1. Love the first shirt!


  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! Those are some great purchases, I like the grey beaded shirt, it will look lovely with the skirt. I am following you now too!

    Have a great day!