woensdag 20 februari 2013

I'm back !!

Here I am guys ! 

I've been gone for a long long time now, about two weeks I guess? 
Those two weeks I've been to Budapest and after that a lot of party's ! 
Because of those I was far behind on my schoolwork so that took up my last 4-5 days. 
I'm sorry for my disappearance, but I'm back for you with lot's of photo's. 
Images say more than words, so less talking here come the pictures. 

I brought a boyfriend back for us ! ;) 
You don't see much of my outfit because it was very cold ! So most of my outfits were just my coat, scarf, some jeans or jeggins and my boots. 

This was both in district 8. It was a district in Budapest with lot's of churches and historical buildings. I thought this was a district full of magic ! In the first picture is a lovely church with a crazy roof. I've been to a lot of places and it's always church here, church there but never that memorial. This one I wil remember a long time, maybe forever. 
I'm in love with the roof. 
And the second picture reminded me of Hogwarts !!! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan !! 
And I went crazy when I saw this I felt like I was a student there, haha ! A dream come true ! 

Budapest by night (with and without snow) 

 Two lovely views from the sky ! 
For the first photo we had to walk up a mountain, what an adventure. It had snowed en it was very icy. I fell a couple of times on my bump haha.

Two photo's of a palace we visited ! 

My overall impression: Budapest is a lovely city !! 
I truly fell in love with it. The whole city is build in a Barok-Renaissance  style wich makes it very magical.  
I recommend to you all to go visit Budapest (I even like it better than Paris) 


vrijdag 1 februari 2013


Monday I'm leaving for a five-day trip to Budapest !! 
I'm so exited. I'm not taking my computer with me but I'll try to upload some nice images and OOTD from my phone ! The nice pictures will be for when I'm back. 
If you want to see more pictures you can follow me on instagram, my username is lotteilands. 

Have any of you guys visited Budapest already ? 
You can leave a comment if you have any must-see/do tips for me. 

Lot's of love.