woensdag 20 februari 2013

I'm back !!

Here I am guys ! 

I've been gone for a long long time now, about two weeks I guess? 
Those two weeks I've been to Budapest and after that a lot of party's ! 
Because of those I was far behind on my schoolwork so that took up my last 4-5 days. 
I'm sorry for my disappearance, but I'm back for you with lot's of photo's. 
Images say more than words, so less talking here come the pictures. 

I brought a boyfriend back for us ! ;) 
You don't see much of my outfit because it was very cold ! So most of my outfits were just my coat, scarf, some jeans or jeggins and my boots. 

This was both in district 8. It was a district in Budapest with lot's of churches and historical buildings. I thought this was a district full of magic ! In the first picture is a lovely church with a crazy roof. I've been to a lot of places and it's always church here, church there but never that memorial. This one I wil remember a long time, maybe forever. 
I'm in love with the roof. 
And the second picture reminded me of Hogwarts !!! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan !! 
And I went crazy when I saw this I felt like I was a student there, haha ! A dream come true ! 

Budapest by night (with and without snow) 

 Two lovely views from the sky ! 
For the first photo we had to walk up a mountain, what an adventure. It had snowed en it was very icy. I fell a couple of times on my bump haha.

Two photo's of a palace we visited ! 

My overall impression: Budapest is a lovely city !! 
I truly fell in love with it. The whole city is build in a Barok-Renaissance  style wich makes it very magical.  
I recommend to you all to go visit Budapest (I even like it better than Paris) 


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  1. Budapest, such a nice place to go :)
    I didn't post about Budapest haha, but I posted about some recent look and Kenzo, Balenciaga sweaters, hope you like it :)


  2. wow beautiful photos !!! :D
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  5. Love your coat! Beautiful photos.

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  6. Lovely travel photos!
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