zaterdag 30 maart 2013


I've been traveling again !! 
This time we went on a little road trip with school, on the way to Copenhagen we made stops in Groningen and Hamburg. 

This is in the 'Groniger Museum', the photo in the middle is of the stairs of the museum. It's in the center of the museum and a real eye catcher. The ball you see on the pilar is one big Swarovski cristal. The other photo's are from a exhibition that was taking place in the museum wich I taught was very interesting.  

One of the many amazing buildings we visited, it's a whole building for student housing. The first photo is from the outside and all the boxes are for studio's for students. One the second picture we are in the courtyard, in the boxes on the inside are al the common rooms. 

A photo on the boat with a couple of my friends. One of my friends is Nena of Turn it inside out, be sure to check her out ! 

An historical building. 

This is a photo I took in the Louisiane Museum of Modern Art. It was a dark room full of mirrors and on the ground a platform in water. The room was filled with lights which changed of color. It was a very magical room. The lights in this photo are formed in little hearts, lovely. 

A silly group photo. 

The sea, wich was frozen. I had never seen that before. 

This is a photo on a bridge were couples hang slots with there names on so they would stay together forever.

I taught Copenhagen was a very beautiful fairytale-like city. It had something magical because of the many historical buildings, but it was also very futuristic with the modern architecture. It was a mix of both and it was a match. It's definitely a must see ! 

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  2. Gaan we terug ? :(

  3. What an interesting trip you had! looks like you had so much fun!
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  4. Looks like an amazing place!
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